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"CONFIDENTIAL" Self-Inking Laser-engraved


Do you, in your line of work, deal with sensitive documents? Do you struggle to find a time-efficient tool to clearly communicate the level of confidentiality of information?

bbloop "CONFIDENTIAL" Self-inking Stamp lets you protect highly sensitive information and clearly communicate to others when a document or correspondence should only be handled by a person or group of individuals with the appropriate credential or authority.

Clean, crisp, reliable bright red ink stamping

Do not let private or sensitive information circulate without the seal of bbloop "CONFIDENTIAL" Self Inking Stamp. A perfect way to shield documents and records containing financial, medical or legal information by clearly indicating the sensitive nature of the documents.

bbloop line of Self-Inking stamps are the solution to any of your dead-end filing problems. We have a large array of rubber stamps to mark, organize, classify methodically as well as inform, communicate clearly and keep a meticulous record.

Set yourself apart from the scrambling lot and mark each document with the clear, accurate and correct information. When a correspondence is confidential, protect it and save time by keeping administrative records under control.

Long-lasting ink, refillable for lifetime service

The bbloop CONFIDENTIAL self-inking stamp uses the latest innovation, brings you the best result at a fraction of the time. Its refillable ink pad ensures peace of mind for a long-lasting service.

Upward of 50,000 bright impressions designed for repeated, heavy load use. What's more, the laser engraved stamping rubber is retractable so as not to smear or leave undesirable traces after use.

Just as important as being able to keep up with paper trail is the polished, long-lasting impression bbloop stamps will add to your business.