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LolliZ Self-Inked Custom Stamp

LolliZ's line of Self-Inking stamps are the solution to any of your dead-end filing problems. We have a large array of rubber stamps to mark, organize, classify methodically as well as inform, communicate clearly and keep a meticulous record. In an increasingly fast-paced world, productivity and efficient time management are key to the success of smooth business operations. Set yourself apart from the scrambling lot and mark each document with the clear, accurate and correct information to facilitate future record tracking.


Long-lasting ink, refillable for a lifetime of service.


LolliZ's self-inking stamp uses the latest innovation to bring results at a fraction of the time. The refillable ink pad ensures peace of mind for a long-lasting service.


Upward of 50,000 bright impressions designed for repeated, heavy workload.


What's more, the laser engraved stamping rubber is customizable and retractable, for no smear and no undesirable traces after use.


Along with keeping up with paper trail, bbloop stamp will help your business make the polished, long-lasting impression it deserves.


Built to last, LolliZ is here to provide a lifetime of service.