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"LATE!" Round Self-Inking Teacher Stamp


Are a you a teacher going through piles of homework and papers to review? Do you struggle to keep up with who remitted their work late? LolliZ Round Teacher Stamp "LATE!" is the resourceful, efficient little time-saver you need to communicate a clear message with appropriate authority.

Easy to use, clear, bright, kid-friendly communication!

Teachers! Just as much as you expect students to hand in their work in time, they, expect your review back in a timely manner as well. The task can prove daunting but don't despair or waste long hours with tedious handwritten observations; say it all with a quick, efficient, easy stamping! One push and your feedback is ready to go!

Welcome to the 21st century: LolliZ' Self-Inking Round Teacher Stamp is a line of happy, little designs; a one step, modern way to communicate. So easy, users with arthritis have raved about how effortlessly it pushes down. LolliZ "LATE!" will leave a bright red imprint.

Solid-built for daily, utilitarian use. Long lasting ink supply

  • Comes with detachable lid. It keeps the laser engraved rubber design secure and the ink moist; ensures longevity
  • Engineered to self-ink, it retracts right back into the built-in inkpad after each use; the imprint is clean and precise, it leaves no smears
  • Refillable: extremely convenient ink refill ensures a lifetime of service
  • Easy to store in the desk drawer
  • Great gift idea for the teacher to the substitute, the assistant and teachers aid!